Born in Geneva, raised in Greece, lives and works in Geneva and Berlin.
She studied at the University of Geneva (1979 – 1984) political science and history of art.

contact: iseult.labote@wanadoo.fr



Through my work I strive to reveal the grandeur of architecture and urbanism by enhancing details. I focus on the abstract sense of everyday materials by elucidating the act of human creativity. Man and his urge to shape the world through endless sources as well as his need to solidify its fluid rhythm become central points of reference. Therefore, hovering between abstraction and representation, I embrace the outcome of a prolonged working process that is made by artisans and workers with patience and dexterity.

I am interested in looking for unexpected details, where I wait for the exact moment when the light transforms the matter, giving its primordial beauty back in order to discern the textures and decontextualize them from their trivial origin. Through this research I establish a new perceptual order, I create doubts by troubling our senses in the exploration of space and time, where the object does not find its primary meaning anymore and reality is dematerialized.

Aesthetic experience and visual pleasure derive from the conceptual value of the historical validity and the use of each industrial matter. The politics of work and labour have always been central themes in art and socio-political studies, thus from my perspective I try to keep a disinterested point of view where human presence is mainly implied by its absence, while raw materiality is enhanced. Always in the search for new building sites and urban environments my photographs allude to paintings with the purpose to elevate the image in the sphere of the unseen.

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